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sorry kan i’m bad at fashion, can’t choose a material good thing it’s transparent

milliesanden Asked:
*i fly through the window and crash into the wall* *you turn back starin at me* *i stare at you* *no one speaks a word* *i slowly put a tray of cookies on your broken table still staring at you then walks backwards to window like in cartoons and flies out into space* *you shrug and goes "Free cookies yay" before resuming Tumblr, without knowing you've been granted a day with no problems :) *

My answer:

I feel like I’ve just been blessed by some mystic force to have a good day

ya know, homestuck with rose strider in the land of light and clockwork

I feel like he needs to smile more

okay but what happened to mituna

I’ll post a legit not sketch next time

practicing facial expressions using kankri’s majestic face

Imperial fef sketch from beforus!

Also thanks for the 200+ followers!!

it’s a good thing she’s just a robot right? Doomed timelines suck

clean ur windows

Rachel's art blog~ basically fan art really

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