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I can’t believe this has over 2000 notes


I forget that not everyone knows it’s homestuck so I’ve had some cool arty interpretations

She’s so fun to draw

Space Background

end of term doodles

Tavros my child

Anonymous Asked:
hey did you know your bloodswap art is already a fan adventure? it's called Red Dead Virgo you should check it out if you haven't already

My answer:

Woah I didn’t already know that, thanks this is awesome

Bloodswap Tyrian!Nepeta sketchdump

Basically the hemospectrum moved 7 spaces upward. I want to keep the characters personalities and core the same, but the traits that belong to their blood caste get switched, like Sollux’s psychic abilities¬†

uploading while my computer actually works
this is one of those ‘I should pay attention in class’ sketches


Kanaya figurine WIP

Art Blog~ Here I will be posting some of my DeviantART stuff as well as sketches I don't want to post there. Fan art thus far including:
Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, Harry Potter, RotBTD, Sherlock, Avengers, Hetalia, SNK, WtNV, Adventure TIme, and Homestuck.
It really depends on what inspires me to draw stuff so a lot of inconsistancy sorry.

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